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It all started when…

I published my first patterns in 2011.  I had learned to knit a couple years before while I was studying sewing pattern drafting.  Knitting was growing on me.  I liked the slow, precise process.

After that first round of patterns were completed, they were much more popular than I had anticipated, and I decided to give it a full-time go!  In the five years that followed, I learned a lot, and published over a hundred patterns.  After that, I got married, and we now have a little girl and a boy.  My life has transitioned to working 1 or 2 hours a day rather than 8+, as I care for our children full-time and squish the knitting into where I can!

I love complex designs - I love to spend hours adding layers of detail.  I also love simple designs, stockinette and clean shaping