You can purchase my PDF patterns on many different websites!  See below for an incomplete listing and links.

If you prefer to not use Ravelry, and you can’t find my patterns elsewhere (my patterns tend to go up on Ravelry a good couple months before any other websites), feel free to email me and request a pattern. I can send you a paypal invoice and email the PDF(s) directly to you. Please note that since this is a fully manual sale, it requires me to be on my computer to do, and will not be an instant download. While I aim to clean out my inboxes every week, I am a stay at home Mom and work deadlines and baby teething can sometimes leave me behind for a month or so, but I do always eventually read and reply (if needed) to EVERYTHING.

Once the invoice is sent, I can send the PDF from my phone, so expect the pattern to come in a week from payment and feel free to email me if it has been 7 days and the pattern has not been sent!

Buy Direct


You can find all of my patterns (save for a handful that are not available as downloads) on Ravelry!  You can also see other knitters projects knit from my patterns and show off your own projects.

Ravelry is generally the best place to buy my patterns, as updates and corrections are always uploaded there first, by me.

Knit PIcks

Knit Picks is where I turn when I need an affordable, but good quality, yarn.  

I have an assortment of patterns there to choose from, and occasionally you can get a kit discount on the yarn!

Love Knitting

Loveknitting is an online yarn retailer from the UK.

You can find most of my patterns there


You can find my book 30 Knitted Headbands and Earwarmers on amazon in the US or Canada etc.  The link is to  Search "jenise hope" to find the book easily on your local Amazon.