Marborough Bra Update

After being asked WHY I was sewing myself a bra, I was actually stumped for a minute.

I mean, there are things I want to "fix" that I don't like about the average bra in the store.

But that isn't actually why I am doing it.

In-progress Marlborough Bra

In-progress Marlborough Bra

In that moment I realized the main reason why I am doing it is because I can.  I have a deep urge to know how to make ALL THE THINGS.  Once I discovered a bra pattern that looked like it would have a decent fit in my size, and a place to buy all the notions to make it, well, I just had a compelling desire to give it a shot and actually know how the guts of a bra are put together and work.

Having decided to go for it, now my head is full of ideas on how to tweak it for the better. 

And in the meantime I'm suffering because I bought the wrong size underwire and the new round of sizes to try is in the mail and will take a week or so to arrive.  You see, I suspect I want to shift the straps in on the cup (requiring redrafting a couple cup pieces).  I want to adjust the back to not be held in by elastic edges (perhaps use multiple layers of power mesh instead, or shift the side seam so there is a larger area of stabilized non-stretch).  I might need to tweak the fit/shape of the cup.  But until I have the correct underwire, I can't measure exactly how much to change anything.  Indeed, I can't even tell if I am using the correct size!

Oh, and I also forgot to order black strap elastic.   I could've used my nude stuff, but if I am ordering underwires, I might as well buy that too.

So the bra is complete up to the shoulder straps.

Here I wait.  Impatient.  I am anxious to try this thing on!


This is the Marlborough Bra pattern from Orange Lingerie.  All the fabrics, elastic, all the stuff, is from Tailor Made Shop.